Target keywords for target customers.

If you’re a blogger,

We’re talking about blogging low quality, blogging high-quality exposure.

There are a lot of worries and questions.

I started blogging last April.

It hasn’t been a year yet.

We’re getting a lot of exposure.

I also listened to a lot of blog-related lectures on YouTube.

I haven’t received any paid services yet.

I got paid consulting.

What are you going to do with your blog?

I just used a lot of free materials.

Right now, I’m just doing what I want.

Based on my experience, I’ve learned about blogging low-quality, blogging high-level exposure.

I’ll write down the information.

Rumors of low quality and high exposure to blogs

1. If you use real-time surge search terms, you will get caught in low quality.

You’ll get so many of these notes.

I’m skipping everything. Actually, they give me a lot of course.

If the company gives you pictures and manuscripts, you can just copy them.

It’s very comfortable and the unit price is very strong.

It’s 2,000 won a day, 3,000 won a day.

It’s worth 50,000 won per case.

There’s also a 100,000 won gift.

But you’re spraying it on other people besides me.

Naver’s least favorite similar photos, similar documents,

You are more likely to get caught.

That’s why it’s better not to do the press.

3. It is difficult to make a reservation at the top.

I usually have about 20 pre-issued articles.

It’s not usually hard to do one shot a day.

So I write 2-3 posts on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

If you don’t have anything to write about…

So, more than 90 percent of what we’ve published so far,

It’s a reservation issue, but it’s being exposed to the top without too much pressure.

4. Do not use multiple IPs.

I don’t think this is right either.

I usually post on more than three machines.

There was no problem.

5. You should never modify your writing.

If you write on your blog, you should never modify it.

I’ve modified it a few times.

Rather, the ones that don’t show up at the top of the list…

I’ve been able to go up to the top exposure by modifying the title.

If the keyword I want doesn’t make it to the top,

Because it’s a piece of writing that’s going to die out.

I don’t think it’s bad to revise the title properly.

I have been running Naver blog for about a year.

That you have to post consistently and sincerely.

with a lot of information that helps others.

The number of people who add me to the neighborhood has to increase.

If you do that, you’ll be exposed to the top.

The low quality is under the jurisdiction of Naver AI.

I don’t know the exact algorithm.

If there’s a lot of neighbors looking for me,

The low quality will be better soon.
10-minute brand marketing story that grows brands of individuals and companies through Naver Audio Clip.

This is Choi Eun-hee’s 10 minute empathy marketing, and writing a blog for the 3rd episode of the 2nd week.

In the sixth round, when judged by blog search logic, posting of contents with expertise and importance is well exposed.

In the seventh round, it is important to produce keywords that suit the taste of target customers on the meaning of keywords, how to create keywords, and how to choose them in blog marketing.

In the eighth round, under the theme of the difference between blogs and SNS marketing, blogs are for the purpose of top exposure focused on search purposes, while SNS marketing is for relationship-building marketing.

These days, I’m a bit bored with blogs.

The biggest reason why Blattaggi is coming is because…

First of all, the material depletion is the biggest.

There was pressure on posting 1 post a day.

I haven’t done a package a day for the last few days.

There’s not much change in the number of visitors.

I think I can take a rest on the weekend.

All the neighbors who are blogging, cheer up!

Let’s get out of the blotting together.
And over there, where it says “Keyword,”

If you enter a keyword that you tagged or specific,

The ranking and issue date are available.

I think when someone searches,

It’s like a blog top exposure ranking.

I’m posting about Dongsangimong Lee Yoonjin.

Search with the keyword “Lee Yoon-ji”

The ranking came out at 71st.

When I post my blog, I’m using this site,

[Statistics – User Analysis – 백링크 Inflow Analysis – Search Inflow]

If you make good use of these things,

We’re going to use high-level exposure.

I think it will help you manage your blog.

Libra: exposure based on consistency.

Disadvantages: Advertising is rampant.

C-RNAK: Professional Blog Oriented / Proven Source

Disadvantages: New blogs are not exposed.

DIA Logic: Even new blogs can be exposed if they are professional. It’s judged by the publication.

2. Target keywords for target customers.

Keyword = The link between me and the customer.

Find detailed keywords, not representative keywords.

Yes) Hair Salon – Hair Style

Women’s hair style, men’s hair style, hair style recommendation

Use associated search terms.

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