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Hi, I’m a loan counselor. Today, I will look at the conditions of savings bank products that are not general credit loan products but are being used by individual rehabilitation and rehabilitation immunity. Is it because you think that the savings bank, which is a financial institution, can not proceed with the assumption of the individual rehabilitation? There are quite a few people who do not recognize it and proceed in the loan business. I hope that savings banks can proceed with it, so please look at it gradually and compare it with your conditions. In fact, it is best not to use loan products, because it is almost impossible in the society we are living in now. If you have to use it inevitably, you have to use it at a little cheaper interest, so savings banks are more advantageous 폰테크 than lenders. In the financial savings bank, you can also proceed with all the products that can be repaid for new funds or existing financial products, The most basic condition is that if the total number of payments is paid, the reimbursement should be paid at least at least, and if not, those who pay more than the total number of payments or those who are exempted can use it. As with general credit loan products, savings bank loan products used by individual rehabilitation students are more advantageous as long as their tenure is longer, Workers and freelancers can prove their income regardless of insurance, Business owners can apply for it from the time when it is possible to issue an income proof. The freelancer term in financial institutions refers to those who can deduct income and issue withholding receipts. Individual Rehabilitation Savings Bank loan products are also different from financial institutions that are in progress, but the conditions are similar overall, so I will show you the overall conditions. There is no age limit, but it is good to think that it is possible to proceed in practice, You can apply for it all over the country including Jeju Island and use it for the longest time by equal repayment method, For rehabilitation immunity books, maximum progress is possible. Since individual rehabilitation immunity is now a rehabilitation immunity, there are many cases where you recognize general credit loan products, but it is much higher for you to recognize them as personal rehabilitation immunity products than for general credit loan products. Originally, it seems that it is right to have a general credit transaction immediately after the individual rehabilitation exemption, but unfortunately, it seems that you can use general credit products only after a certain amount of time after the immunity. We, who use financial institutions, are a bit offended, but we are noticing that savings banks that handle general credit products are often rejected for one reason or another This is what I felt while helping various customers proceed, but it is not the position of financial companies, so I hope that there is no misunderstanding. It is true that individual rehabilitation workers are set at a slightly higher interest rate than those who use general credit products, no matter how much they use savings bank loan products in the financial sector.

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