I studied due to a failure in investment in investment in finance

I published a book last week and looked back at the manuscript I wrote through the book and remembered the past. So today, postings are going to recall the past and write a short story about the story that I came to this point, because subscribers sometimes want to read more of these articles than information postings.I was… buying or selling? I was a confused jurin who knew nothing about 폰테크 stocks. It was really serious. My parents and adults told me not to stock, so I was a good worker. And at this time, I was not interested in stocks because I was concentrating on increasing income outside of my salary while running a sports blog and community. I thought stocks were hard to think about, and I thought they were not in line with me at allBut at that time, bitcoin was in the midst of a fever, and when people met, it was all about bitcoin. I don’t want to miss that opportunity, so don’t ask me like “the strongest jurin.” I’m going to put an investment in this coin, and if someone says it’s good, I boldly pressed the buy button before I jumped. I think he invested a small sum, and the fluctuations were really huge in a day, and since the cryptocurrency was running because there was no monsoon, he went back and forth between heaven and hell several times a day.At that time, I did not know what to do with the auction, and even if I just dropped a little, I made additional purchases and I was exhausted soon. The bitcoin craze was so severe that the government tried to regulate it, and in this atmosphere bitcoin plunged. Most investors seem to have lost. I woke up at this time… I’m not supposed to invest like this.I’m so keen to start studying in earnest, and I’ve learned all the information I can, regardless of economic news, investment books, YouTube, and so on. I did not give up even if I did not understand what I was saying, but I dug deeply and I stayed with the feeling that someday I would understand. It was not easy to study while going to the company, so I split the time and used it plannedly. I read books on the subway, watched news articles in the bathroom, and after I left work, I watched YouTube videos and summarized the main contents. I think I went to a study cafe to increase my concentration on the weekends and almost lived thereNow that I have accumulated some knowledge, and I can tell you some of the things that people around me are curious about, I think I will run a blog. I thought that I wanted to let the workers know how to invest properly, and if I share the contents that I studied for a long time, I can save the person a valuable time. I summarized my studies and shared my investment portfolio and strategies, so I got a lot of subscribers in a short time.I started to work on ideas with a lot of worries to run a different financial blog than others, and I started to publish contents that others can not easily do through the financial webtoon. It is easier to understand and read picture comics than writing. I also shared a story/know-how that started to jump in a long time ago, and published an e-book that can make money on a blog, so I told many people how to earn extra-pay incomeI would like to show you the processes and results of the ongoing growth of ordinary workers every year as we are now. I am already looking forward to what activities I will add in the future. I think that if an employee does business at a company, he can never succeed, and that life is not my life but a life subordinate to the company. I don’t want to live that life, and I want to live that life in my own hands

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