room movement massage cool 건마 fatigue

Hello! I’m still waiting for the winter.

I’m not ready, but since December,

I feel very cold.

Now it’s right to go down below zero.

Why did winter come so fast?

Can you feel it? Am I the only one?

Anyway, when the weather gets cold,

I feel like I’m stiff.

I feel like I’m getting stiff.

I don’t know in the summer, but in the winter,

I’m getting a room massage.

This is my only pleasure these days.

Can’t you go on a trip?

I’m healing like this.

Of course I do.

I have a lot of hobbies on weekdays.

I only get it on weekends.

I always like near my house.

Starting with hair salons, the places I go often,

Everyone is going to a place near their house.

But just in time, I heard there was a famous place.

I ran fast.

Where I’ve been,

It was called Olive Tree!

It’s located behind Bangi-dong Food Street.

It was good to see the big sign.

I’m afraid I’m a badass.

I could recognize it at once.

He’s in the building and he’s on the second floor!

We’ll arrive earlier than scheduled.

I got to look inside carefully.

It felt warm and comfortable.

And from sports to aromas,

And you can choose one during the hotel ceremony.

It varies by time and by type.

It’s room-moving massage because the prices are different.

What you want when you get it.

If I can tell you, please recommend the right one.

You can decide on the price again!

I’m still a gift to 건마 myself.

rather than thinking and price

I always get the right massage.

And I’m here because it’s close to home.

The interior was also very pretty.

Honestly, I was very surprised.

I never thought it would be this good!

“Single-bone confirmation” here.

I’m the type to keep going once I gettin’

If you don’t think so, you don’t even step back.

Because it’s way

The place I’m going to is where everyone believes and follows me.

There was a tendency.

Isn’t it so pretty?

You don’t have to get a massage.

I felt like I was healing.

It’s so pretty that my eyes are on you again.

Clean hygiene and tea time.

There’s even room for it.

Before the appointment time, I’d like to spend some time alone.

I had it and organized my thoughts.

It’s that quiet.

It’s cozy, so I organized my thoughts well.

The indoor hygiene was great

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