It was my first visit, but it was a moving part of my heart.

Are you finishing up well? Because of Corona, the meeting is almost gone and I can’t meet many people, so I think I need to wrap up this year quietly. At the end of the year, I went to Gangseo 24 o’clock massage shop for healing!

The Jongno Gunma Shop that I visited today is open until dawn, so I can visit and receive care anytime.

It was a place. But it’s not always a place where you can go and get treatment.

There are so many customers and it’s well-known, so you have to make a reservation.

They welcomed me with a bright smile, and now 스웨디시 I realize that I’m being treated well. The cleanliness of the shop added to the cleanliness of the shop, and the score of my first impression of the shop was 100. It’s so nice to see the guests running the waiting room to reduce their embarrassment, and the managers cleaning up their rooms and towels. This was my first visit, but it moved my heart.

Maybe because I’ve been living with the company and Bangkok life, I think I’ll have less chance to move my body. So I get swollen often and my hands and feet get really cold. I get tired easily and my whole body gets lumpy. I couldn’t stand it while I was working and I made a reservation.After working overtime, I went to get a massage at the famous 24-hour massage shop in Gangseo for the first time in a while!

It’s close to home and work, so I started to take care of it because I thought it would be good to be a regular customer if I were good. I liked the guidance of the sensible boss the most here. I was so happy and a little bit of unfamiliarity seemed to disappear as the boss noticed that I wanted to get care of myself quickly.

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