It’s not a big massage shop, but it was enough to go and heal alone.

It was a three-minute walk from Sillim Station, so I was able to find it more easily than I thought.

For those who can’t find the way, it’s easy to find it by looking at Naver and Google.

I was guided to the room, and the room was equipped with a locker, a washbasin, and a shower booth. The reason why I like one-person massage shops is that they are expensive, but the facilities are so good and the director takes care of them, so it’s definitely different from other shops. When I go around wearing a gown, it’s a bit uncomfortable and embarrassing to meet strangers. But I really like the fact that one-person shops don’t have such worries.

It’s one of the most famous hair salons for aromatherapy, so I went inside looking forward to it.

This is the inside of Sillim Gunma.

The simple and bright interior caught my eye first. It also has a gentle scent. It was a nice place.

I went to a place where I wanted to relax and relax with a massage, and I found a good place to rest.

I felt like I was on the right track.

So, about an hour later, I noticed that the manager’s 인천건마 forehead and back were wet with sweat. I could see some marks on my T-shirt. Of course, I was touched by your hard work.

Deep and delicate aroma skills have been getting worse over time. I felt that my mood was getting better. It was the moment I saw the manager’sir. Later, it turned out that you learned to manage your whole body and still work and study at the same time. It’s not easy to work and study together, but I think it’s great. Somehow I came to think that he was so good at managing. There are a lot of shops that say they’re good at it, but I thought they’re good at it because they’

So I had a short tea time with my boss before leaving the office after the management was finished. It’s been a while, but you said something impressive. I made the atmosphere of the shop clean on purpose. The reason was that I could see the mindset of the rescue manager, who said that he thought this was the place where people who were tired of social life came and wanted them to come and go in a bright way. It was the most memorable part. I think I received the best therapy from the neat shop atmosphere and the manager’s skillful aroma therapy.

Until the moment I left the shop, I could feel the desire to have a good time, and the way home was light. Next time, I will come with my friends.

I decided to do an aroma massage because I don’t like strong sports massage. Thanks to your strong appeal, I think an hour is going to be too painful. I decided to take a two-hour course. Daejeon Shop also says you can choose the oil you want and get treatment. The service is as good as the price.I was really looking forward to the oil.

There was a big air purifier on the side of the room, and it was difficult to ventilate due to fine dust, but it was equipped with an air purifier, so I was able to take care of myself while breathing fresh air at Daejeon Shop.

It’s not a huge Gunma shop with a huge lobby, but it was enough to go alone and heal.

More than anything, I liked the music. It was like a classic. It made me feel comfortable.

I arrived a little early and took pictures here and there while waiting, but I’m not good at taking pictures.

I think it’s better in real life than in pictures.

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