If it’s too much like now, you’ll feel worse.

I’ve been to Sacheon once before to submit my resume. I almost got a job with the introduction of an acquaintance who lives in an area that has nothing to do with Sacheon. In fact, if you get a job too far from where you live, it is difficult to commute to work, so there is an inconvenience of living in a dormitory or a dormitory. If you have a family, it’s hard to move in, so there are some cases where you live apart from your family. In that regard, I liked to get a job close to my home.

So when I get a job, I always use a place where I can get good local information. For those who think the same way as me, I will summarize the job openings at Sacheon City Hall today. If you live in Sacheon or nearby Sacheon and are looking for a job, it would be helpful to refer to it.

Search Sacheon Stream on Naver and visit the website of Sacheon City Hall. Then you’ll be able to see the above sites. If you are tired of searching, please feel free to use the shortcut link below.

If you look at the top of the Sacheon City 마사지구인 Hall homepage, there are various menu bars. If you place your mouse over each menu, the lower menu will open automatically, so you can refer to it.

As you can see in the picture above, you can see that the submenu opens when you drag your mouse over the corporate/economic menu. If you click on the help-wanted bulletin board in the upper left corner of the menu, you can see the jobs in Sacheon at a glance.

Recently, posts are being uploaded every day, indicating that they are well managed. There are many job openings, so if you don’t want a particular job, you have a wide choice. It’s not just the service industry, so if you look carefully, you’ll find a job that suits you. Even if it’s not necessarily the job opening bulletin board of Sacheon City Hall, if you use various job sites, you can compare jobs through a wider range of options.

■ Job openings at Sacheon City Hall [ Bulletin Board Link]

You can also use the link above to go to the job sign board of Sacheon City Hall at once. So you can use it right away without having to search.

Every day is the same repetition of every day. I don’t think self-control is easy. If you become a little lazy because every day is the same, the lazy days continue. I think you have to control your body and mind to get rid of laziness. There’s a reason why people succeed. I think success has been achieved because people who are good at studying, successful in business, and high social status all control themselves well and do not fall into temptation. Everyone can try, but not everyone can succeed in simplicity. I think it’s much more difficult to maintain mediocrity than to become special.

I used to sleep because I heard that napping is good for improving work efficiency, but I think it’s also a habit. I was tired a few days ago, so I took a nap after lunch. Maybe it’s become a habit. After lunch, I fall asleep whether I’m tired or not. I think sleeping for a while has become a habit these days, so I think I’m taking a nap too much, so I think I should reduce it now. A good thing is a story when you keep the right line, and if it’s too much like now, you feel that it’s not good.

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