Why content marketing is so popular in marketing.

Last week, at MKT by Marketing, we took a time to find out why content marketing is inevitable to be the trend and what are some typical content marketing examples. In today’s article, we will learn more about content SEO and introduce you to our strategy for content SEO success following last week. Let’s get started!

You must produce content that understands your intentions before you can drive content marketing success. Your intention is to look at the components of ‘Google Search Results’. You can get behavioral data from real users by using keyword tools on Google. And by looking at Google’s components, you can identify the most appropriate results or content candidates that Google has judged. By combining keyword tools and Google’s components, you will be able to achieve good results as a content 백링크 SEO.

The best way to produce content for the enterprise will be to utilize existing content. Let’s find out a total of 11 SEO strategies using the content you have.

01 Throw away Pruning

I said it’s a way to use the content that I have, but I can’t believe I’m going to throw it away! You may wonder. Unfortunately, you have to admit that content without traffic and backlinks is content that customers have turned away from. The strategy of simply giving away existing content to make it look like a lot of content doesn’t help SEO at all.

02 Matching Meggings

If there is continuous pressure to produce new content, there are cases where similar content is changed little by little and newly published. However, this method can backfire because visitors to websites and social networking sites don’t feel like they’ve got any new information. In severe cases, the search engine may consider content redundancy.

03 Squad Siloing

Grouping strategy is a content strategy that collects similar content and links it to each other. The search engine is very interested in what links web pages are linked to. For example, if a marketing website has a lot of inlinks or outlinks, you see a lot of content on marketing topics. Connecting internal links, not links to external sites, will increase your SEO score by identifying the pages you are connected to as a common theme. When a search user enters an article, presenting multiple links to the topic of the article will increase the user’s satisfaction, right?

04 Reissue Republishing

The easiest way to produce content using existing content is to reissue it. All you have to do is change the date of the old content and reissue it. Surprisingly, re-issuance is known to be effective in content marketing. The response to the content has a lot to do with the timing of the publication, or timeliness. From the search engine optimization tube island, re-issuance is likely to expose users who want to see the latest results first. In particular, if there are many contents that are difficult to access page navigation, I strongly recommend a reissue strategy.

05 Tagging

Tags allow visitors to search for additional relevant content. If the tag is activated, it can attract visitors’ attention and increase their stay time. This creates a foundation for being ranked high on the search engine.

06 Anchoring text on links

The so-called link text serves as a description of the link, which helps the search engine understand its content. So when you want to connect your own content using internal links, you can use link text to better communicate content topics to the search engine. Then we could eventually get the top ranking from the keyword on that topic, right?

07 Adding Metadata to Add Metadata

Metadata is simply additional data about existing data. By registering HTML meta-tags such as titles, meta-description, Twitter cards, and open graphs, the search engine can better understand the content.

08 Changing Format Reformatting

The format of the content is usually similar to an infographic or e-book. However, you need to change the format of the content slightly to optimize the search engine. Even though it is the same HTML content, the web page that people see and the web page that the search engine sees are very different. More specifically, the big letters in boldface type are recognized by us as titles and subheadings, but the search engine recognizes strings with HTML tags like H1, H2, H3. So if the content isn’t in this form, it means that the search engine can’t find your content.

09 Creating Core Content Corner-Stoning

It is important to create a lot of content that target users will be interested in, but it is also important to have popular content. This content is called core content, and without it, it is not easy to become a top ranking in the search engine. Also, when this page is ranked at the top, the relevant content is exposed to the search engine as well, so it takes quite a lot of time and effort to create the core content.

10 Supplemental Improvement

It is also a good strategy to supplement existing content. It would be nice if you could change the contents or title of content that is not timely. You should pay particular attention to the title. According to Quick Sprout, an American content marketing company, 8 out of 10 people read only the title of the content and only 2 people read the content together. It means that we need to spend time making the title. However, you should not paste the latest trend keywords or celebrity names that are not related to the content. The key is to come up with an attractive title that people would like to click on while expressing the content well.

Take advantage of good content Sky-scrapping

Sky-scrapping means very high. It also means a strategy to make better content by using content that is ranked at the top of the search engine. You might think that this is enough to copy the top-level search documents to create content, but this may not only result in higher rankings than the top-level search documents, but also problems such as duplicate content and copyrights.

In Content SEO, Sky Scraping means a better understanding of documents in the top search rankings and creating better content. Therefore, by reading and analyzing all the top ranking documents associated with the keyword, you should consider what content you really want.

Content production is very difficult, but it is also the most powerful marketing tool. Once again, look at the importance of content marketing and plan marketing by considering SEO, which can increase the effectiveness of content.

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