The good thing is that there is a one-person shower room

Hello ~ It is Tosun who came back to listen to you with a comfortable massage review !!I am very excited about the fun of receiving Changwon gun these days, but there were a few Korean massage shops in Changwon that I learned not only when I came to work but also when I walked outside and walked a little while, I was tired and had to take care of myself. In fact, I went to the place with a half-hearted feeling that I would like to get a few massages, but unlike my expectation, it was really good and it was still good enough to go steadily. I’ll introduce you to a few places, and it doesn’t matter the order and ranking, so please take this into account:)
Changwon Sangnam-dong Here, Therapy Changwon Sangnam-dong Here, Therapy

The first Korean massage shop in Changwon is located in Sangnam-dong. I personally realized that the high-quality massage shop after visiting the therapy is saying this. That’s how much this therapy is a great advantage of differentiating itself from other shops, and the comfort and comfort that you feel from the moment you visit is impossible to say! !
Changwon Korean Massage – Swedish Changwon Korean Massage – Swedish

Your skills are guaranteed, of course. Now, you’re offering discounts, so you can get them at a much lower price. If you have a group discount of 3 or more people, it will be 10,000 won, and 수원건마 if you visit your birthday, it will be -100,000 won discount. Course consists of Swedish and Aroma massage. Changwon Swedeish Massage is so good that it is rumored. It is 110,000 won for 60 minutes, 130,000 won for 70 minutes, 140,000 won. The business hours are from 11:00 am to 5:00 am, and it is composed of all Korean teachers and is located near the dolmen intersection in Seongsan-gu !!
Changwon Korean Massage – Seokdong Huteraphy Changwon Korean Massage – Seokdong Huteraphy

The second Changwon Korean massage is a human therapy located in Seokdong, where daily life is free and always repeated everyday life is boring. It is a place where people feel peace in their hearts and feel comfortable when they visit, so they often visit. Therapies are different from their names.
Changwon Korean Massage – Forehand Changwon Korean Massage – Forehand

He said he made a name by using Chinese characters. Swedish massage course specializes in it. It’s 100,000 won for 60 minutes, 120,000 won for 80 minutes, 140,000 won for 100 minutes !!And there is a forehand management that can be received by two managers !!! Open from 12:00 am to 2:00 am It is located near Seokdong Neighborhood Park !!
Changwon Korean Massage – Sangnam-dong Paradise Changwon Korean Massage – Sangnam-dong Paradise

The last Changwon Korean massage parlor is Paradise, located in Sangnam-dong, which is the best part of the world.
Changwon Korean Massage – Parking Facility Changwon Korean Massage – Parking Facility

Thanks to the charm of being able to get it in a clean space as well as the parking facilities, it is a great place. Now, when you write a careful review with a late discount event, you can get a discount of -100,000 won. Sweedish massage 60 minutes from 100,000 won to 70 minutes 150,000 won. All the managers are good at what they receive because they are excellent!!

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