It’s definitely new.
I don’t think I get tired of it quickly.

Hwang Doo-hwan Industries, a company specializing in earning, is going to target new markets with an electric rubber system.
An electric rubber system is a system awning film made by placing long rigid flat materials horizontally or vertically in a window frame.
It controls the lighting and ventilation by closing and unfolding the plates in the frame at various angles.
Like blinds, it is easy to shield the sun’s light or adjust the amount of light flowing in by electricity depending on the position of the sun, so it is gaining popularity in hotels and other places as a high-end lighting system in the U.S., Japan, and Europe.
It is also made of rigid, rigid materials, so it can be used to create shades like skylights.
This is the site of the removal of wooden signboards. Removal of advanced signboard

Wooden signboards incur disposal costs.

Regular signboards go into scrap metal.

No, but in the case of wooden signboards, the disposal cost is…

Please note that it will occur.
Trees weigh a lot, too, so I’m going to use skycar equipment.

We need to demolish it.
Don’t worry about removing the sign. Please contact me.

We also remove the 스카이어닝 window seat neatly.
It’s a flower shop, but the contract is over, so I’m going somewhere else.

I think you’re trying to come.

In times of economic hardship like this, the cost of demolition is also…

I don’t think it’s going to be easy.

I want you to worry a little bit. At the lowest possible cost.

We’re removing signboards for you.
After the removal of the sign, I found the one installed underneath the sign.

Time to take down the annealing.

Also, the longer the annealing, the more expensive it is.

Please keep in mind.
The annealing looks about four meters across.

There’s no disposal cost for the anning after demolition.
Removal of the two-wheel-earning

It’s already dark. Hurry up and clean up.

Prepare to leave the scene.
It is easier to clean than ordinary fabric shading or blinds, and has excellent hygiene effects because it does not produce dust or mites from fabric products.
The electric rubber system developed by Hwang Doo-hwan Industries is developed as a material of natural wood, which is environmentally friendly and has excellent insulation effect.
In summer, cooling loads can be reduced and heat losses can be reduced in winter, saving energy.
Unlike ordinary curtains or blinds, it can effectively control the sunlight that varies over time and season, and when installed outside the building, it can add to the artistic sensibility of the building.
What’s interesting is that it can also be used as an advertisement by putting images on the surface of the louvers. When the graphical louvers are completely closed, they become large windows signs.
Hwang Doo-hwan, an official at Industries, explained, “The electric rubber system can effectively manage the inflow of sunlight into the room and meet various requirements such as insulation, the beauty of the store, and publicity.”
Today, we’re going to be in Taepodong, the fourth generation.
A 72-kilogram i-campus rooftop tent.
Any custom to install
You installed a horizontal bar.

The original loop rack has stiffness.
We’re going to remove it with a weak relationship.
I replaced it with an Annie customized product.

So how did it look like?
Let’s start posting.

First, remove the roof rack.
Each part in a genuine bolt seat
The horizontal bar that’s starting to connect!

No balls or welds are ever used.
It can be installed without any scratches.
This product is a 34-person rooftop tent
It’s built at installation intervals.
Most of the products on the market,
You can connect and install it right away.
The installation is intended to be a function that can be seen when the genuine roof rack is removed.
Spring washer nylon to bolt position
I’ve been tightening the nuts for you know what?

The iron plate and the iron plate are touching each other and driving.
I’m guessing there’s a clutter in every bolt.
I’ve dealt with it with silicon.

There’s a lot of know-how I’ve installed in a lot of vehicles
I’ve set it up so it’s clear.
Two experts set up the installation.
It was finished in about 30 minutes.

The photo shows a fixed front.
This is a fixed back.

Get rid of the pure rufreil.
This is how it looks like.
It’s neat without the roof rack, right?

The horizontal bar wingbar used is a…
Loaded at 100 KG.
7114 Thule Wingba Eboro.
I applied it to you.

I’m gonna take you to the roof top.
It’s become available.
Now that the Tule Garova is installed,
Vehicle annealing, roof box, any product,
It’s available. It’s for leisure camping.
You can use it as much as you want.
The more I see the 4th generation Taepodong, the more attractive it is!Hah!

Our Tule Eye Campus Distributor Rack and Road,
Coto Integrated Roof Box to Bicycle Carrier
I’ve put up a lot of earning hard tops, tents, etc.
I’ve been watching a lot, but it’s definitely new.
I don’t think I get tired of it quickly.
Daepodong is good for business family cars.
I think it’s the best camping experience.LOL

He’s in the third generation of Taepodong, but…
I couldn’t take another car because it was too small.

Anyway, I’m sure it’sure.
I installed it well and strong.
And finally, the hottest thing in the world.
Korea’s Top Rooftop Tent Eye Campus
Set up a four-man sky camp.
I released it after explaining it.Hah!

It’s very convenient because it’s only a minute.
It looks neat and nice.

You paid more than 300 to 400.
I hope you are satisfied with it.
More important than anything else is safety, right?
I’m done posting.

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