We reveal that ranking is based on personal and subjective standards.

I’m going to select and introduce the recommended torrent site and introduce it.
To help you easily understand the pros and cons of each torrent site, we record the features in the form of symbols and update the accessible addresses every week.
We reveal that ranking is based on personal and subjective standards.
By default, we’ve raised the ranking of clean and easy-to-browse sites… We’ve lowered the ranking if there’s a lot of advertising on it (including selective advertising) or if you’re only offering Magnets.
I used to refer to the website access ranking, but the domain name has changed so often these days that it is meaningless.
Please understand that I just cataloged live torrent sites with my own subjective feeling.

I added Torrentube back to the list of torrent sites and checked the link status of existing websites and updated it to an accessible address.
If the name of the site is different and the content is the same as the menu system, it was adjusted to 토렌트 keep only one site that was registered first.
If it is confirmed that the site is not accessible, it will be lowered to the bottom of the list for about a week, and if it is not accessible next week, it will be removed completely from the list.
It is based on the results confirmed when connecting to Google DNS address of on Windows 10 PC.
If another DNS is specified, there may be sites that cannot be reached.
Also, depending on my PC environment and other Internet ISP companies, some sites may not be able to connect.
There are some cases where it takes a little longer to connect, so sometimes you can connect after waiting 5 to 10 more seconds.
For sites blocked due to SNI blocking, we marked the bottom with a cancellation line.
In this case, you can access it by using Firefox, which has been set up in the bottom link. (Final confirmation: 2021.3.26)

I think you should refrain from joining the torrent site as a member.
If an existing site goes down, it often opens with a similar name.
There is no guarantee that the names are similar or identical.
The term “advertisement network” in the lower torrent list corresponds to a large number of adult advertisements on the site’s initialization surface.
When torrents are blocked, Twitter often guides you through your connection address.

Recently, many sites have been blocked by SNI.
These sites can also be accessed using the Firefox browser that supports ESNI.
Please refer to the link below for instructions on setting up Firefox.
Sites that are not even accessed through ESNI are often accessible by using VPN.
I will also show you how to use VPN by installing Chrome Plug-in below.
If you use the Puffin mobile web browser, you can also access SNI-blocked bypass from your mobile device. (Both Android/iOS support)

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