a charming perfume with a fairly lovely scent

These days, when the weather is moving and falling,

I’m just as worried as styling

It’s probably perfume.

It’s also affecting the weather, style, and mood

It’s a lot of perfume and crazy,

I don’t think I can neglect choosing the scent.

I recommend Ferragamo’s man’s perfume today

It’s a scent that can suit you in any situation.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get a lot of

Introduce Intens Leather O’De Pur.

Salvatore Ferragamo

to the perfume that evokes the artisanal heritage of Italy

Among them, the perfumes of Ferragamo man for men

in a passionate life that goes its own way

It’s an inspirational being.

The sensations of a colorful scent

to make you listen to your inner voice

He has a charming power.

Especially, it was launched in April 21st in Korea.

Intens Leather O’De Fur

confident in self-expression

to be a man of enterprising charm

without fear of failure

not to pursue blind success

to achieve one’s own goal

It represents the ideals of modern men.

it is not restricted by the age group, styling, and the weather

with the daily perfume which it can always sprinkle

I have a proper sensibility

It’s a perfume I’d like to recommend more.

I’m going to introduce you to Ferragamo Intens Leder O’De Fur

Package appearance.

This perfume is a new luxury perfume released on April 1 this year

I’m going to need to hear the characterization and message

It’s a perfume you can feel.

The product I’m reviewing is 50ml containers

100ml products are also available

the bottle of the same form is width, and lengthwise

He’s got a little bigger.

The perfume bottle also showed

I can see you trying to put several messages.

with the iconic logo of Ferragamo

I’m not sure I’m going to feel

You can see a well-preserved design.

Bottle is a clear blue

straight-out shape

And the detail that uses the logo well is impressive.

Especially the vertical band is like a leathery feeling

It shows a well-formed product name.

There’s a part of the bottle that has a different texture.

I actually have a good grip when I hold it

You can see a unique look even if you put it on display.

At both ends of the bottle, we’ll have a little bit of a

I can see how you used it.

with the shape which cap utilizes this

You can view the design that contains the logo.

Especially the Gandhini logo

the perfume can be sprinkled and it well can see

in a charming logo

to inspire everything

like a message from Ferragamo

in the minor part, it again 레플리카 reminds me of the presence of the ferragamo

It’s an attractive design.

glass bottle metal logo detail

And then there’s the leather banding

to make good use of Ferragamo’s identity

in the perfume bottle containing the different message

You can see the emotions of Ferragamo.

a variety of luxury perfumes

global steering engineer

Antoine Maisondiew

The work Ferragamo Intens Leather

It has a scent of the Leathery aromatic Salti family.

This scent is something I’ve been able to feel before

Start with a deep scent with a heavy scent.

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