If there’s no deal, we’ll cut the limit

The government has decided to reduce the contract limit of negative accounts, which Shinhan Bank has created and not used, by up to 20 percent, following the National, Hana and Woori Bank. As the financial authorities strengthened household loan management, the four major banks began to tighten negative accounts at the same time.

According to the financial sector on July 7, Shinhan Bank will reduce the limit by up to 20% for extension and re-contracting if the limit usage rate is less than 10% during the contract period or three months before maturity for negative bankbook customers whose limit exceeds 30 million won.

For example, if a person who has opened a negative account with a limit of 40 million won has taken out less than 4 million won during the contract period, the new negative account limit can be reduced to 32 million won during extension or re-arrangement.

The reduction in the minus bankbook limit is attributed to the financial authorities’ policy to manage the total amount of household loans. In particular, 폰테크 the government has ordered the government to strengthen its management of credit loans since the end of last year, believing that high credit loans are used as real estate markets or ‘debt-to-debt’ funds.

The negative account is a loan balance as much as the contract limit for the bank even if the consumer does not actually use it, so the management burden is increased under the total amount regulation. This is the background of the bank’s narrowing of the limit on negative accounts that banks have not created and used. An official from the bank said, “In the future, it will be interpreted as a signal to receive only as much as necessary.” Considering that the negative account is a loan that the consumer does not know when or how much it will need, “He said.

Woori Bank has reduced the limit of 10 ~ 20% when it uses less than 5 ~ 10% of the negative account limit exceeding 20 million won from last month. Kookmin Bank is also implementing measures to reduce the limit by 20% if the average limit burnout rate is less than 10% for the minus account exceeding 20 million won from July last year until three months before the maturity date.

Hana Bank also says it can reduce the limit by up to 50% if the negative bankbook limit is low at the time of extension of the deadline for ‘Hanawon Cue Credit Loan’, a non-face-to-face credit loan product.Hanawon Cue Credit Loans may be reduced in full if they do not have any use results

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