As Young-joon’s secretary, Miso always smiled and made no mistake in getting things done.

Hello, everyone. Without a girlfriend, I’m spending time alone at home this weekend.
I’m living vicariously satisfied with a Korean romance webhard.
I admire the writers who write these scripts for how sweet they are.

Especially, I like Secretary Kim the most.
It’s hard to make it happen in real life, but it was so beautifully decorated that I liked it.
And the actors were so handsome and pretty that I was more immersed in them.

So today, Secretary Kim, who is perfect for Korean romance webhard, will review what’s wrong with him.
I’m sure some of you have seen it, so please watch it as if you’re watching it again.
Then I’ll get started right away.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is a webhard broadcast on tvN with a total of 16 episodes.
The main characters are Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young. Lee Young-joon, played by Park Seo-joon, was the vice chairman of a famous group.
And the role played by Park Min-young was Kim Misoro, Lee Young-joon’s personal secretary.

As Young-joon’s secretary, Miso always smiled and made no mistake in getting things done.
So Youngjun kept his smile on the side and worked together.
One day, Miso tells Young-joon that he will resign.
Young-joon was so surprised that he asked why, and Miso said that he had to get married in the future.
In fact, Young-joon’s secretarial life was just hard.

But Young-joon thinks Miso likes him and wants to marry him, and he says he will accept Miso’s heart confidently.
But Miso was surprised by Young-joon’s unexpected attitude and refused his offer.
Young-joon becomes more likable to Miso, who rejects him, and he secretly takes care of his smile by doing WeVent for Secretary Kim and sending all the staff to the massage shop.
So Miso gradually opens her heart to Youngjun and they develop into a relationship.
But Young-joon had a big trauma.
That was the cable tie.

I remember being kidnapped as a child, and it was one of the things that Young-joon should never see, but a new employee accidentally arranged it with a cable tie, which surprised Young-joon.
Miso was worried about Young-joon, so she asked his parents, and they heard about the incident.
When I heard Youngjun’s mother’s story, Miso was very surprised.

I was confident in that very situation.
In fact, Miso was kidnapped when she was a child, and her brother protected her, so she escaped safely.
Miso was traumatized by the spider, but I couldn’t find her p2p 사이트 because I couldn’t remember her brother’s face and name.

But when I found out that he was Young-joon, I went to Young-joon.
So they realize their true love for each other, and Young-joon proposes to Miso and the wedding ceremony ends with Webhard ends.

Really, this webhard is sweet and touching.
I think it’s a perfect p2p site with all the thrills.
Besides, the actors looked so good in their roles that I really enjoyed watching them.
Especially, Lee Min-young, it’s no exaggeration to say that you were Kim Miso. You looked so good with your beauty, hair and style.
I hope you all watch it this weekend.
I strongly recommend Korean romance webhard.

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