Your will has been released, and now that you’re awake, the contents will be useless.

In the last 8th episode, after being disqualified as a tutor, Jikyung, who lived in Hyowon-ga and lived in Lee Hye-jin, will come back to Hyowon-ga and take her son, Hajun. I was screaming.
Since then, Jiyong and Seohyun have been there and Heesoo has appeared.
Hee-soo goes to Hye-jin, who is angry, and if she takes what’s yours, I won’t let you go. It ended in anger.

Hajun and Hee-soo are trying to move to get out of here after losing their child.
Will Hee-soo be able to get out of Hyowon safely?

Let’s start the ninth episode of the webhardmine review.

Toyle Webhard tvN Mine Episode 9 Story and Review Cheers to the Devil

Sir, I have another man’s child growing up in my stomach.
You can raise him as my son, and it’s just the two of us who don’t know.

Ji-yong’s mother and the president’s young appearance will come out.
But the way he tells you that the baby in his stomach isn’t his blood.
Does that mean Ji-yong is not actually the president’s son?
Mr. President, your will will be delivered.

And the scene goes back to the present.
Jiyong eventually takes out the vigilante and Seohyun and Heesoo are left.
Soon after, the contents of the will were delivered to Hee-soo and Seo-hyun who were not on the board of directors.
My eldest son lacks a lot, so I will encourage him to study for graduate school and provide him with lifelong financial support.
First daughter-in-law Seo Hyun will be entrusted with the electronic stake of Hyo Won and the management of Hyo Won ENM.
And the only daughter, Jin-hee, tries to give Hyo-won Confectionery shares, but she can’t control her anger, so she needs regular counseling to give her shares.
To his second daughter-in-law Heesoo, he will give 30,000 shares of Hyowon C&T to help her get along with Hajun.
He apologized for not giving love to his son, Ji-yong, who was a strong candidate for succession, and left a message that he wanted to grow up with the students by passing on the position of director of Hyo-won Academy.
Unexpectedly, there was a message in the will that he was about to hand over Hyo-won to his grandson Su-hyuk.
When he turns 30, he’ll name him Hyowon’s successor and give him 150,000 shares.

I think Jiyong was very angry when he heard this.
And the rest of the chairman’s shares were in his will to donate to the world.
And then Jiyong went to the secret fighting place again.
I couldn’t control my anger, so I made him hit me like he was killing me.
Eventually, the other person ends up in a coma.

It’s a psycho hobby like this, and soon G-Dragon will be in danger.
Blow it up at the board meeting. Your father’s will. Let’s see who wins.

And the will to the board was made because Seo-hyun contacted the lawyer in advance.
She’s in a coma. They’re brothers. They’ Real brothers.
Find out how much I can give you.

Jiyong’s uncomfortable hobby is going through a really bad situation.
Even the two men who had been fighting this time were brothers.
Jiyong is trying to solve the problem with money when a person is dying.
prejudice in the world

Meanwhile, Seohyun is heading to the gallery with Heesu.
I brought him here because I wanted to give him a painting as a gift.
In the gallery, Suzy had a relationship with Seohyun. In the series, Hee-soo wanted to have a broken perfume bottle.

What is it that you want to break inside of Heesoo?
It’s not our family that made you dead, it’s Han Ji-yong.
It’s him.

Meanwhile, Hye-jin found out through Seohyun that everything was made by Ji-yong.
He seems very confused.
What’s your real heart? Why would you forgive me?
I think you forgave me. How can I forgive you? I dare ask you to forgive me.

Heesoo and Jiyong who were together at that time.
Ji-yong is surprised by Hee-soo’s eerie appearance, but he tries to trust Hee-soo who tries to protect his family.
Currently, Jiyong has a headache as a secret hobby.
I refuse because it’s too different. Because I know so well what I’m losing when I take it.
Don’t make me angry, Soo-hyuk.

And Soo-hyuk, who is now appointed as heir.
But she was still fighting back, claiming her love for Yoo Yeon, and Seo Hyun sincerely tells Soo Hyuk that she shouldn’t be holding out like this for Yoo Yeon.
I need you to take care of a lawsuit. I lost my baby when I was 18 months old.
But what exactly do you want?

In the end, there’s a vigilante, or Hyejin, who chooses to sue.
Hye-jin goes to a lawyer to sue Hyo-won for losing her son.
And Hee-soo, who knows he’s already filed a lawsuit, informs his family.
Of course, Hajun is never going to be taken away.
I wonder who you’re really on the side of in Hyowon.

Heesoo will meet with Chairman Hyowon’s lawyer.
And Hee-soo asks you to give him a list of lawyers who quit in Hyowon.
After that, the lawyer reports the story to Seohyun.

The lawyer heard your orders, but now it seems like you’re on Seohyun’s line.
Meanwhile, Seohyun found her favorite painting.
I don’t know if you want the artist’s name to be known.
It’s called No Name.
This is how I can see you.
I guess I can’t avoid it if I try to avoid it.

And Seo-hyun, who noticed who the writer Noname was, headed to the artist’s studio.
There, you meet Susie, your long-awaited ex-lover who has been sitting deep inside your heart for a long time.

Seohyun kept avoiding Suzy’s contact.
For me, painting is you, and longing for you has become a part of my life.

And the two of you who were exchanging missed each other.
But Seo-hyun says that she will spend the rest of her life missing this moment and eventually says goodbye.
But Suzy is holding onto Seohyun.
And the scene goes to the president.
You’re finally coming back to your senses.
Your will has been released, and now that you’re awake, the contents will be useless.
He’s dead. My brother’s dead.

Finally, Ji-yong’s secret hobby makes things happen.
The brothers who fought against each other because of Jiyong.
His brother, who was in a coma, ended up dead, and he was furious.
You’re the only one missing. He’s dead. You’re all dead.
Han Ji-yong, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Jiyong, who was so angry after receiving the call, sneaked into Hyejin’s p2p 순위 house.
She expresses her anger towards Hyejin who came into the house.
Of course, she blamed Hye-jin for the unfairness of the situation and vented her anger.

But Hee-soo came to Hye-jin at that time.
Hee-soo notices that Hye-jin is dangerous and Ji-yong is threatening Hye-jin because of the strange sound he hears inside, and the 9th episode ends.
The next scene is about the future.
It was none other than Ji-yong who was bleeding and dying in front of Hee-soo.
Jiyong shedding tears as she died.
What the hell is going to happen on this day?
And what you saw was a p2p ranking, but I still don’t know what it means to have one missing.

Ji-yong tried to kill Hye-jin when her eyes went crazy, but Hee-soo arrived and fortunately she won’t die.
You’ll find out why Heesoo came to Hyejin’s house in episode 10.

I think JI YONG will be revealed more and more, and whether he’s trying to kill her or reveal himself to the world, I think he’s going to move.

That’s all for the 9th episode of Webhard Mine Review.

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